Healthy Cooking at Home

  • Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010
  • You are what you eat. If you want keep in health, you need a healthy food. That mean, its need good process while you cooking. Healthy cooking at home will give much benefits to your whole family. Your kitchen is an important place for a healthy home cooking. How do you expect to prepare healthy food if your own kitchen is a mess. Unwashed dishes lies in the sink for days. The scraps of food as never cleaned from the counter. No matter how healthy your food is, it will not be as so after it is cooked in that situation. So always make sure that your kitchen is in tip top condition. All the pans and cutlery are sorted out and in their proper place. Your cabinet is not dusty and the wall is not stained with oil.

    When picking out a recipe to do a healthy home cooking, look at the ingredient listing first. That is the first clue to how healthy the food is. The human body only needs a certain serving of nutrients each day and any extra will either be discarded or kept inside the body. So in the recipe, you should take note of the ingredients used and what nutrients they give.

    After that, you would want fresh ingredients for your healthy home cooking. Food that are not fresh is not good for the body. Not only do they already lose their nutrients, they also now contain harmful bacteria and chemicals. Foods that are processed is also not recommended. These foods are usually covered with chemicals and even though you would thoroughly wash them, there is no guarantee that all the chemicals is completely washed out. Not forgetting, your choice of ingredient also matters. Using olive oil to cook will always be more healthier then using lard.

    When you cook your food, techniques is important for your healthy home cooking. Most of us might not notice how it makes a difference as the effect can be very subtle. Always wash your hands first before handling any of the ingredient. Then make sure the tools you use are clean. Never use the same knife to cut different ingredient unless it is washed first. Some goes to the spoon that is used for mixing. The residue left when you are preparing can have a devastating effect when mixed with other ingredient.

    After all that healthy home cooking, the after work is also important. Pots and pans that are not used should be cleaned immediately. If your kitchen have oil stains then clean it before you retire from the kitchen. It will help in keeping the kitchen clean and less maintenance over time.

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