What We Have To Do for Burn Injuries

  • Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010
  • We've seen pictures, read statistics and seen video clips showing burn accidents. Almost everyday we see news clips of burn accidents, many of them involving children. Is it due to carelessness of both the parents and children? Partly yes, but primarily because of the lack of basic information on the causes of burns, on safety measures to help avoid accidents and what we can do as first aid treatment for it.

    First Aids Treatment to Burn Injuries

    To distinguish a minor burn from a serious burn, the first step is to determine the extent of damage to body tissues. The three burn classifications of first-degree burn, second-degree burn and third-degree burn will help you determine emergency care:

    First-degree burn injuries
    The least serious burns are those in which only the outer layer of skin is burned, but not all the way through. The skin is usually red, with swelling, and pain sometimes is present. Treat a first-degree burn as a minor burn unless it involves substantial portions of the hands, feet, face, groin or buttocks, or a major joint, which requires emergency medical attention.

    Second-degree burn injuries
    When the first layer of skin has been burned through and the second layer of skin (dermis) also is burned, the injury is called a second-degree burn. Blisters develop and the skin takes on an intensely reddened, splotchy appearance. Second-degree burns produce severe pain and swelling.

    Common Vaginal Infection

  • Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010
  • Vaginal infection are among the most common reasons that women consult primary care physicians. Most women have a vaginal infection now and then, and many women have them often. The vagina normally contains large numbers of organisms called Lactobacillus (or acidophilus). Vaginal infections happen when other organisms grow and change the normal balance of organisms in the vagina.

    A vaginal infection is present when the normal vaginal discharge changes color, becomes heavier or smells different, or if there is itching, burning, swelling, or redness around the vagina. A normal discharge does not smell bad and is not accompanied by redness, swelling, or itching. Most vaginal discharges are normal. A vaginal discharge is often present at some stages in the menstrual cycle. This discharge may be most noticeable at the middle of the cycle, which is close to the time of ovulation.

    The most common form of vaginal infection is called bacterial vaginosis. Women with this infection have a large number of organisms called Gardnerella vaginalis, as well as many other organisms, in their vagina. If an infection is present, there will be a vaginal smell that is strongest after sexual intercourse, and perhaps an increased amount of thin vaginal discharge, which may be white or discolored.

    Osteoporosis, Calcium Supplements cause Heart Attack?

  • Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010
  • Osteoporosis is a disease that affects many elderly. At the aging process, the speed of formation of new bone cells decreased compared to the speed of destruction of bone cells. As a result of bone cell regeneration process will be slower. Gradually, the bones will be increasingly thin and fragile. This state is called osteoporosis.

    The most prudent action in dealing with osteoporosis is prevention. You do this by consuming calcium in sufficient numbers so that will be formed bone is thick and strong. Preventing osteoporosis with calcium-containing food was much better than calcium supplements. A number of researchers found that consumption of calcium supplements may increase the risk apparently suffered a heart attack by 30 percent. Thin tablets that contain calcium are also linked to an increased incidence of stroke and death, although not statistically significant.

    Therefore, people who rely on calcium supplements are advised to eat more foods rich in calcium and try other means such as exercise, not smoking, and maintaining a healthy weight to prevent osteoporosis. After all calcium supplements are not natural and the result will be different when using a natural source of calcium.

    Healthy Life with Healthy Eating to Reduce Weight and be Slim

  • The kinds of foods we take in our daily lives normally determine the length and health of our lives. Simple changes in our eating habits will let us live longer healthier lives. Of all the tips that have been designed to assist you in changing from poor eating habits you only have to select those that you feel you will suitable for you, then you will be going the healthy way.

    The first tip deals with your eating habits, speed and cleaning the plate. The tip focuses on slowing down your eating speed. It advises you– to check on the types of fluids you consume, chew more so as to feel full, avoid drinking as you eat, avoid cleaning your plate and to avoid excess snacks.

    The first tip should help you focus on your eating habit. This mainly touches on the speed of eating which you should aim to slow down. This can be achieved by chewing more on the food. This tip also encourages you to check the fluids you consume and avoid drinking as you eat. Finally, it is advisable to avoid cleaning your plate as well as excessive snacking.

    Thirdly, never take food as a way of rewarding, punishing or comforting yourself. Respect food and only take it as a way of nourishing your body. Candy bars and chocolates must not be used as a way of rewarding oneself. There are better and healthier methods that you can use to reward yourself.

    Healthy Natural Acne Treatment

  • Senin, 09 Agustus 2010
  • Besides an acne condition, if you also have eczema or dry skin, coconut oil will treat those skin conditions too. Raw apple cider vinegar application to the skin is a cheap, alternative acne treatment that has worked for many adults, teens and children with acne, zits, pimples, or other types of blemishes. Try applying a very thin layer of coconut oil and massaging it deep into the skin to heal and soothe the affected area.
    It’s easy to treat acne cheaply, simply, naturally, yet still very effectively, at home. Drinking a lot of pure, filtered water may be one of the most important things you can do today for your acne, thus working from the inside out.
    In any case, no matter what skin or acne treatment you choose, whether it’s chemical, drugs, alternative, or natural methods, changing your usual diet will be the best treatment you can do for your acne and you’ll achieve overall good health in the process. Adding a lot of fresh, raw fruit to the diet has helped many people clear up their skin conditions; there are tons of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables. To cure yourself of acne, you need to correct the problems that are going on inside of your body that are causing the acne.
    When your liver gets overloaded with toxins it will send the toxins out through your skin as well as your other organs of elimination. Some alternative doctors recommend eating a raw clove of garlic daily for acne; you can chop one up finely and add it to your daily salad!

    Healthy Diabetic Foods Diet

  • With diabetes come many associated problems. These can happen from an improper diabetic diet plan. Keep in mind that as soon as one hears of a diabetic diet plan, he tends to think that the best diet plan is to cut off as much sugar, glucose and carbohydrate consumption. However this is not the best healthy diabetic foods diet. Remember that our body needs certain amount of sugar and carbohydrates for proper functioning. If we do not give our body this recommended amount of sugar and carbohydrates, it will eventually fail to function. We will end up with more complicated problems than what we had. For this reason, a careful and well prepared diabetic diet plan is required to combat diabetes.

    An ordinary healthy diabetic foods diet plan ranks breakfast as the most important meal of the day. This should be consumed as soon as the person gets up from bed. This is to avoid problems of blood sugar. It is best to begin the day with a cup of cereals high in bran. Simple bran flakes can be used. To make this more delicious and healthy, you can add slices of fruits like apples and strawberries. This will bring in more flavour and taste as well as increase your appetite. This should be complemented with a cup of low fat milk.

    Healthy Cooking at Home

  • Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010
  • You are what you eat. If you want keep in health, you need a healthy food. That mean, its need good process while you cooking. Healthy cooking at home will give much benefits to your whole family. Your kitchen is an important place for a healthy home cooking. How do you expect to prepare healthy food if your own kitchen is a mess. Unwashed dishes lies in the sink for days. The scraps of food as never cleaned from the counter. No matter how healthy your food is, it will not be as so after it is cooked in that situation. So always make sure that your kitchen is in tip top condition. All the pans and cutlery are sorted out and in their proper place. Your cabinet is not dusty and the wall is not stained with oil.

    When picking out a recipe to do a healthy home cooking, look at the ingredient listing first. That is the first clue to how healthy the food is. The human body only needs a certain serving of nutrients each day and any extra will either be discarded or kept inside the body. So in the recipe, you should take note of the ingredients used and what nutrients they give.

    Worry about Your Healthy Life?

  • Sabtu, 07 Agustus 2010
  • Don't worry, be happy. Yes, just stop worrying.  It doesn’t do you any good. There's worrying and then there's worrying.  As you get older it's only natural to become concerned about certain aspects of your health.  Your body starts to feel a little creaky and you're not as flexible as you used to be.  Not only that, you know so many people who have had heart attacks or strokes or skin cancer and so on.
    Your awareness of the possibility of illness and disease has been triggered, be it through first-hand experience or otherwise.  But should this be cause for worry as opposed to a "healthy" concern? It is natural as well to worry more, as you get older, about everything, not just your health.
    You are only born with two fears, those of loud noises and falling.  But these types of fears are not the same as the types of worries which I am talking about.  A fear is caused by a perception of imminent threat.  The worries I am referring to are those ones which you toss and turn, rip apart and "chew" over; those things which go over and over and over in your mind and you just won't let them go, even though you know logically that you have no real cause to worry.  That's what I mean by worrying.

    Healthy Life with Healthy Food Choice

  • Eating regularly is not all we want, eating healthy is important. While going for healthy eating the most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure of what you are eating and, whether your diet is meeting the nutritional requirements of your body or not.

    Since birth till death, complete life span of any living being, is a process of growth and development and various functions keeps on taking place within our body. And for proper functioning of our body we need proper nourishment as very specific nutrient has its role in the development of our body.

    Healthy food guide will help you to analyze you diet and its nutritional requirements.

    First of all you need to be well aware of types of nutrients. There are six types of nutrients responsible for the development.

    Need Whole Food Vitamin Supplement?

  • Many people think to maintain health, they need food supplements, especially vitamins. Various complementary food and then consumed, and even tends to excess. Whatever you call it, if excessive, will result not good, including whole food vitamin supplement.
    The most popular vitamin is vitamin C. This substance easily found in fruits and vegetable. Vitamin C has ability to maintenance immune system of the body. Much virus, that can not be treat with antibiotics, only can remove by immune system it self. To help this mechanism, vitamin C has important role.
    Many people think that to maintenance their health, they need much vitamin C. But how much vitamin C needed?

    Need Vitamin C Supplement?

    Vitamin C;is mostly known for its ability to help with colds, but it has many more important functions in your body. Vitamin C is needed for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. It helps with the structural part of blood vessels, ligaments, and tendons. It also is an antioxidant, meaning that it protects your body from dangerous products of metabolism called free radicals, which are linked to cancer and other diseases. There are plenty of rich sources of vitamin C so you can reach your needs without a supplement by balancing your diet. Foods that are high in vitamin C are red peppers (higher than oranges), oranges, kiwi, brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

    Eco Friendly Home Plans

  • Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010
  • Recently, eco friendly lifestyle are getting popular. Eco friendly product, design and business more easily to be found. There are many techniques to make our life more friendly to the nature. Solat panel for example. This equipment produce energy with no pollution. This, will make our life more healthier and efficient. Since green business and green lifestyle become a trend, in future, the are more and more people will be look for green home that environment friendly.

    So how to  make our home eco friendly? That is fairly easy if you are going to build a new home. However transforming old homes into eco friendly residence is relatively difficult. Still, there are innumerable changes that you can easily make.

    Natural Light & Air Ventilation:

    Natural light can not only lit our houses, it’s also capable of brightening up our lives. Sunlight has a very positive impact on our mood and energy. When building homes, you should spend significant amount of time in carefully planning the location of windows. If the windows cannot be used because of the room position or some other reason, make use of tubular skylights. It will save a lot on your electricity bills as well. Similarly, a quality ventilation system, whether natural or mechanical is a must. Mechanical ventilation systems can provide many controls such as exhaust system, heat recovery, speed controller or furnace integration.

    Eco Friendly Way to Furniture Restoration

  • In the furniture showroom today are full with eco unfriendly products. Most furniture made using particle board, including formaldehyde. This substance, icluding furniture paints, sealants and veneers also contain toxic ingridients that can harm  your health.
    In other side, trying to furnish your house with chairs, tables and sofas that are not harmful to you or your environment can be very difficult, either because the price for solid wood furniture with low (or no) toxins is prohibitively expensive or simply unavailable.

    Furniture restoration maybe a right solution. Restoring old furniture can be eco-friendly on many levels. By restoring your furniture, you are:
    • decreasing demand for virgin lumber, helping to save forests
    • reducing by one chair or table the volume of a landfill, and often the carbon emissions from its transfer to a landfill far away
    • improving indoor air quality and the local environment through the use of eco-friendly paints, primers and polishes

    Natural Cholesterol Lowering Agent

  • Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010
  • Many people think that they don't need cholesterol. Is like that? The truth is we need cholestrol!! Cholestrol has a crucial role in hormones and vitamin D production. Bile acid that need to break down fat and digest food formed from cholesterol. So.. are you think need no cholestrol?
    To stay healthy, the cholesterol number keep below 200 mg/DL. If your cholestrol level more than that, you need cholestrol lowering drug, like Lipitor, Zocor or Pravachol. This drugs have side effects, including muscle pain, soreness, digestive problem, skin rashes and even liver damage.
    But if you love "natural treatment", there are another choices that available in lis below :


    Niacin, a part of vitamin B, gathers extra "bad" LDL cholesterol in your blood and delivers it to your liver for disposal. In some studies, very significant drops in total cholesterol have been achieved with niacin.
    How to use:
    Take up to two gram a day of an extended-release formula, but talk to your doctor to determinethe optimal dose for you. People with liver disease should avoid this one.

    Fitness Gyms in Your Home

  • Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010
  • If you’ve decided this is the year to get serious about your fitness congratulations are in order. Just making the decision is a great start. But between family, work, and other pressing engagements in an all too busy day when the heck will you ever get to the gym? Have you considered investing in one of the many fitness gyms for the home?
    It’s really the answer. With just a little help from us we’ll show you how to find the perfect fitness equipment for your home. With so many fitness gyms on the market it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out which gym is the right one for you. Heck if you do it right you will choose equipment that your entire family could use. Of course if you have a medical condition always check with your doctor first before undergoing a new fitness program.
    Just like different commercial fitness gyms have different equipment to offer their members different home gyms also have different equipment to offer. It’s a lot easier to stay on track with your fitness program if you know what it is you want out of your work out. You should also figure out what your current fitness level is.

    Home Alternative Energy

  • Senin, 02 Agustus 2010
  • The new trend nowadays for homes is to install alternative energy solutions inside it, from the wind turbines producing electricity and the solar collection cells that include hydrogen cells. This is a new technology that continues in the twenty first century and to be continued. There is a lot of need to become energy independent and therefore, households need to rely less on energy derived from fossil fuels and be able to produce alternative energy. Unstable nations are usually the ones who supply fossil fuels; therefore, there is the constant need to become off grid and thus, become independent from this type of production. The fossil fuel industry is maintained by corporation interests, giant oil company directors and some of them are even involved in background conspiracy, therefore creating a vicious circle which cannot give up relying on fossil fuel. There is therefore, a constant pressure on the fossil fuel industry and many alternative energies are thus, overlooked.