Healthy Life with Healthy Eating to Reduce Weight and be Slim

  • Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010
  • The kinds of foods we take in our daily lives normally determine the length and health of our lives. Simple changes in our eating habits will let us live longer healthier lives. Of all the tips that have been designed to assist you in changing from poor eating habits you only have to select those that you feel you will suitable for you, then you will be going the healthy way.

    The first tip deals with your eating habits, speed and cleaning the plate. The tip focuses on slowing down your eating speed. It advises you– to check on the types of fluids you consume, chew more so as to feel full, avoid drinking as you eat, avoid cleaning your plate and to avoid excess snacks.

    The first tip should help you focus on your eating habit. This mainly touches on the speed of eating which you should aim to slow down. This can be achieved by chewing more on the food. This tip also encourages you to check the fluids you consume and avoid drinking as you eat. Finally, it is advisable to avoid cleaning your plate as well as excessive snacking.

    Thirdly, never take food as a way of rewarding, punishing or comforting yourself. Respect food and only take it as a way of nourishing your body. Candy bars and chocolates must not be used as a way of rewarding oneself. There are better and healthier methods that you can use to reward yourself.

    The third tip that will assist you in your healthy weight loss-eating regime is using the mind to outwit the stomach. This will require you to force yourself to always anticipate bloating, bad taste and feeling unwell if you fall to the temptation of consuming unhealthy foods. You can also try visualizing clogged arteries once the food reaches the body hence leading you to feel tired all the time. Remember you will always waste time whenever you feel tired.

    Fourthly, you can reduce the amount of food that you consume by confusing the sense of smell. As you take food, create aromas that are not related to the specific foods that you are having at the time. Change the aromas consistently so that you do not get used to one specific smell. The amounts can also be reduced by changing the serving as well as the storage utensils.

    Replace the glasses with tall skinny ones and the storage packages should also be replaced with smaller ones, which will be used to store all snacks far away from your sight. Do not serve food in dishes and avoid bag eating.

    You should also avoid serving the food in dishes or eating from bags. You should also eliminate the number of distractions whenever you are eating. This is because extra calories are added when you add distractions such as watching TV while eating. Following these tips will help you achieve your health goals.

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